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👉 Worried about your child’s online safety? Look no further! DIGCIT is here to equip your child with essential digital skills for a secure and enriching online experience.


  1. Safeguard their privacy with tips on secure passwords and privacy settings.
  2. Learn to identify and avoid online scams and phishing attempts.
  3. Master the art of responsible sharing and maintain a positive digital footprint.
  4. Enhance critical thinking to distinguish reliable sources from fake news.
  5. Acquire research skills to make informed decisions and complete school projects.
  6. Protect personal information from online threats.
  7. Navigate safely through the digital landscape.
  8. Stay vigilant against cyber threats and scams.
  9. Foster critical thinking skills to evaluate online information.
  10. Cultivate responsible digital citizenship and combat cyberbullying.
  11. Engage in healthy digital communication and build strong relationships.
  12. Promote responsible sharing and protect digital reputation.