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At Code Academy Uganda, we’re dedicated to fostering computer science education in schools and empowering students with essential coding skills. Through our innovative program, we partner with schools to deliver high-quality computer science education directly to students’ classrooms.

How It Works

School Subscription

Schools interested in having a code club can subscribe by registering with us and signing an MOU with us. This formalizes our partnership and outlines the terms of engagement.

Student Enrollment

Once a school is subscribed, students have the opportunity to enroll in the code club. Enrollment typically involves a small fee, which helps cover program expenses and resources.

Weekly Classes

Our instructors visit participating schools at least once a week to conduct coding classes. These sessions are interactive, engaging, and tailored to each school's schedule and needs.

Ongoing Support

Beyond the classroom, we provide ongoing support to students and schools, including access to additional resources, workshops, and events.

School Partnerships